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We are a unit specializing in providing fresh products in the World certified by Halal Center in Taiwan

The health and experience of our customers is our biggest goal

臺灣因哈特 國際清真認證


臺灣因哈特 國際清真認證


We continuously cooperate with partners and expand the consumption market to meet the consumption needs of customers.

The health and experience of our customers is our biggest goal

DelhixPress Curry Packagings

You are busy? You want to enjoy halal food but don’t have too much time. Our prepared foods will meet your needs.

DelhixPress Indian Chili Sauce

Delhi Express Indian Chili Sauce is not only an outstanding choice for stir-frying and dipping but also a good sauce for cooking rice, noodles, and vegetables.

DelhixPress Taiwan Honey

Honey is a precious product of nature, both a food and a medicine. Honey is familiar to people all over the world, with many applications in life and medicine.

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Six big peace of our mind guarantees of our products.


Vegan is not a diet. It’s a lifestyles. Our products selected fresh vegetables and original Indian tastes to Vegan Community in over the world. 

Natural Ingredient

Our Products requires the food safety of the source, no preservatives, no chemical additives, no artificial colors added. 

100% Certified Halal

The product has halal certification and clear health and safety certifications.

Nutritional Value

We using natural ingredients and spices can promote metabolism and strengthen protection. More complete retention of various nutrients. 

Quality Healthy Cuisine

DelhixPress’s Products meet to highest quality healthy cuisine, each ingredient is carefully selected and  imported from various countries. 

Ensure Best Flavor

We work with passionate chefs who use authentic recipes and respect traditional cooking methods to maintain authentic flavors.

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