Delhixpress Company Introduction

Delhixpress Original Delhi has been committed to the research and development of food since its establishment in 2014, specializing in the cuisine of South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. So far, there are many branches in Taipei, including Breeze Taipei Station, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Unified Times and Ningxia Night Market.

The dishes that are currently made in the preparation packs are all popular items from the menu of the brick-and-mortar store. As the first and only halal-certified conditioning package in Taiwan, we insist on the original flavor and hope to provide consumers with high-quality, high-quality healthy food.

We have always insisted on using high-standard ingredients, all raw materials are carefully selected, and at the same time, we require the food safety guarantee of the source. In order to provide high-quality products, we insist on no preservatives, no MSG, and few chemical additions.

The purpose is to present the best flavor of the ingredients, and through the inspection of Taiwan Inspection Technology Corporation (SGS), the excellent quality of various products has been well received by consumers. And is committed to expanding to the international market. It is hoped that while providing exotic delicacies, it can also meet the diversified pursuits of customers. This is the business philosophy that Delhi express has always adhered to.

The Mission of DelhixPress

Highest Quality Healthy Cuisine

Our story

We believe that, behind every success, there is always a story of effort and effort. And so are we.

Original – is an attitude towards food. Just Adhere to the essence and deliciousness ofinternational cuisine, and more. We must adhere to the cuisine of good ingredients and original taste. Healthy presentation.

  —— This is the picky hostess —— Mouna  

Delhi – is taken from New Delhi, the capital of India, and also from it. The beginning and beginning of the Hindustani language means. Original Delhi is an exotic ingredient loved by the hostess. One of theories ~ curry, set out for world cuisine. The cheerful and enthusiastic, exotic hostess, coupled with the classic and authentic food of various countries, immediately became the most distinctive exotic cuisine restaurant in the food street of Taipei Station.

Original Delhi adheres to the highest quality healthy cuisine, each ingredient is carefully selected, and at the same time requires the food safety of the source, no preservatives, no monosodium glutamate, no chemical additives, to ensure the best flavor of the ingredients.

“Since childhood, I have loved cooking, and I am very picky about the quality of ingredients, and I am very picky about my cooking techniques, and I often turn into my own hands. In particular, curry is definitely not fake, or bought in restaurants, personally select fresh vegetables, plus carefully selected top spices imported from various countries, and boil for a long time; Unlike the general use of curry blocks, there is definitely a significant difference and multi-layered taste” Mouna Said . Every time her was praised by her friends, it deepened her restaurant dreams. In addition, as a Muslim, there are strict halal rules that must be observed in the diet, and there are not many restaurants in Taiwan that meet such regulations, so it is relatively troublesome to eat outside; Therefore, her also hope to contribute to her religious community.

In her restaurant, her hope to give guests the most authentic, original, delicious and healthy experience, and hopes to bring all her Taiwanese friends the most local and pleasant exotic cuisine feast.