The story of Shawarma and delhi x press 原味德里的沙威瑪故事

Taiwan is a food melting pot, living here, I think you must have heard of Shawarma. Maybe you have seen a bearded man who is always carefully  cutting a huge stick of meat, then serve on bread with sauce and salad. But, what is Shawarma? Let me tell you:


Shawarma is made by chicken, lamb, beef or turkey, and grills on a barbecue grill all day. Chefs usually mix sauce, salad and meat to make sandwich or rolls. 


The origin of the word “Shawarma” is derived by a Turkish word “çevirme”.


When chef make Shawarma, they usually put the tomato, onion or half of lemon on the top of meat, with slow grill. Most countries will cut the meat and put it on the pita or lavash, you can put whatever you like, like cucumber, onion, lettuce, eggplant, celery…etc. Some europe countries will put chips and fries into rolls to absorb more sauce.


In Morocco, if you want to eat Shawarma, you have go to a restaurant, but we want more people can try this delicious food, so we still keep the highest specification to present.

Generally, people use Tahini, Anba sauce, Bean paste, chili sauce, seasonend vinegar and spices to pickled meat, but owner Mouna have her own special sauce, even the pizzy, she use the special yogurt sauce and fermentation method. That is why our Shawarma is so good.


To get some of our shawarma delicious-ness, come to our 3rd store in Breeze Taipei Main Station 2F (Food Republic), this is the only place we serve authentic shawarma, please don’t go to the wrong place, we are here waiting for you!


Breeze Taipei Main Station 2F (Food Republic)

🏠2F., No. 3, Beiping W. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City

⏰10:00-22:00, open every day

(shawarma only serve in weekends)



營業時間:週一至週日 10:00-22:00


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