The chickpeas commonly found in the novel turned out to be healthy and delicious!小說裡常見的鷹嘴豆原來健康又美味!


Chickpeas are one of the important vegetables in India & Pakistan. They are commonly found in exotic foods such as Central Asia, the Mediterranean, and India. Following their popularity in Europe and America, they have returned to Asia in recent years. Chickpeas often appear in novels. They have a small chickpea in their appearance, so people call them chickpeas.


Chickpeas are beans, vegetables, and starchy foods. It is rich in dietary fiber, high-quality amino acids, and has a variety of balanced nutrients. Chickpea powder add milk powder is made from soy milk powder, which is easy to absorb and digest. It is often used as a nutritious food for babies and the elderly. Chickpea grains can be used as diuretics and prolactin. It is not only to treat insomnia, prevent skin diseases, but also prevent bile.


Chickpea Grains can be used as a staple or sweet food. They can also be fried and eaten, and also be made of canned or candied flavor snacks, fresh beans. And they can also be eaten raw. DelhixPress uses chickpeas in mutton curry, which blends well with other ingredients and has a great flavor! Welcome to the original Delhi for a healthy and delicious chickpea meal!

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