It turns out that Chapati made it this way!原來印度烤餅是這樣做成的!


Chapati is an indispensable food of Indian cuisine. Many people once taste it, then fall in love with the crispy crust but soft inside. It also perfect with curry!

據說烤餅的鍋具是一種源於北巴基斯坦的陶土烤爐,隨後流傳到中東、印度、巴基斯坦 & 中亞和中國部分地區。外層塗有水泥或泥土等隔熱材料保溫,形狀像酒桶般的圓桶狀有助於集中熱能,上方則保留開口讓氣體流通 & 放置食材。

After the coal is set on the bottom of the furnace, the furnace wall and heat can soar to 500 degrees Celsius! Before the ingredients enter the oven, the fire will be extinguished slightly. And the ingredients will be cooked by a stable high temperature cycle.


Most Chapati will stick to the extremely high temperature of the oven wall with a single tap, and it won’t take too long to be broiled. After that, the texture of crispy and soft inside is presented, which makes people cannot resist to pick a bite!

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