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我們的生產過程經過嚴格測試。 您的健康是我們的首要任務。 我們的主要目標是確保消費者的健康,我們的製造工廠經過測試,我們的生產過程是食品安全的。 當客戶享用我們製作的食物時,我們希望讓您高枕無憂。


✅ 平底鍋加熱
✅ 微波加熱
打開產品的袋子,放入微波爐中小心加熱 2-3 分鐘 700w
???Our production process is rigorously tested. Your Health is our Priority.
?Full Packages DelhiXPress
Combo of our 3 hottest products:
✅Delhixpress Special Hommus
✅Delhixpress Special Chicken
✅Delhixpress Mediterranean Beef
Our primary goal is to ensure the health of our consumers, our manufacturing plants are tested and our production processes are food safe. We want to provide peace of mind when customers enjoy the food we make.


✅ Pan Heating
Pour the content of product on the fry pan until it heats up
✅Waterproof Heating
Heating without open the bag of product, put the product inside boiled water for 5-10 munities
✅ Microwave Heating
Open the bag of the product and put it in the Microwave carefully heat up for 2-3 munities in 700w

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