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Bee’s Your Honey process

1. Harvest days
Beekeepers distinguish between different times of honey harvesting, the first harvest is called “first honey”, the harvest when the flowers are in full bloom is called “mid-term honey”, and the harvest when the flowers are about to wither is called “tail honey”. And this is also a hierarchical distinction.
Bee your Honey’s honey is mid-term honey to explain that it is “honey harvested in the middle of the flowering period”, it is also the best blooming period, the most fragrant nectar, and will not be mixed with other flower species, we use 8 days to harvest honey nutritional value is also high aroma is also very sufficient, and medium-term honey is usually used to participate in international certification honey competition, because the value is better than the first honey and the last honey, the price is also high.
Many of the cheaper honeys on the market are specially purchased to sell the less pure first honey, the first honey can be harvested once in 4 days, it is harvested when the flower is just blooming, and the honey bee cannot understand human words, so it will collect nectar that has not withered in the early stage.
Some beekeepers also feed sugar water to increase honey harvest, which will lead to deviations in the nutritional value, taste and smell of honey, which is not as good as honey harvested in the medium term.
Second, beekeepers trade and taste
The general procurement method will ask beekeepers to send samples to taste, we will decide whether to purchase according to the aroma, color, taste, harvest period, etc. of honey, not the amount of honey to determine the price, honey and tea have the same grade, good honey color is light amber, high nutritional value and rich taste and aroma.
Many cheaper honeys on the market have darker color and nutritional value and taste that are not as good as fresh honey.
3. Storage method
Generally, manufacturers who purchase honey will store honey at room temperature or outdoors, which will lead to a decrease in the color, quality and freshness of honey.
The color of honey stored at room temperature will become darker and darker and darker and brown, and the quality will begin to deteriorate, while the color and quality of honey stored in freezer storage at room temperature are the same as fresh honey, showing light amber color.
Bee your Honey’s honey is stored in professional frozen storage (minus 25 degrees C), we send the honey stored in frozen storage for inspection and testing, and the results show that the quality is exactly the same as fresh honey, and honey placed in room temperature warehouse or outdoor honey is displayed after inspection
The quality is not as good as fresh honey, and in order to maintain the freshness and nutritional value of honey, we choose frozen storage and storage honey, but the relative cost will increase a lot.
4. Packaging materials
Generally, honey manufacturers use cheaper bottles to sub-pack honey in order to reduce costs, because the cheap bottleware bottle material is thinner must add plasticizer to strengthen the toughness of the bottle, Bee your Honey packaging material uses thick bottleware, because of the strong toughness does not need to add plasticizer, but the cost is also relatively increased to 1 times.
5. Price
China is the world’s largest exporter of honey, but relatively poor honey quality has been found, while Taiwanese honey manufacturers have high sales in Chinese mainland because Chinese mainland people prefer Taiwanese high-quality honey.


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